Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

The word venetian blinds corresponds to the Turkish word Jaluzi Perde. It is the general name given to curtains made of horizontal PVC, aluminum, metal and wooden strips in Turkey. It is the oldest known mechanism for curtain models. Today, they are the most preferred curtains for office, kitchen and bathroom by architects. However, you can use it for all windows. It is the general name given to the mechanism curtains consisting of horizontal stripes. Strips can be pvc, fabric, aluminum, wood, fake wood. Usually consists of solid colors.

Venetian There are 2 different movements in the curtains. It is operated with 1 rod and rope mechanism. It has a motorized option. It is operated by a remote control or a button such as a wall-mounted light switch. The blind bar provides the tilt movement. The rotation of the slats (strips) up to 180 degrees is called tilt movement while the curtain is open and the window is closed.

You can manage the direction and amount of light entering the room with the tilt movement according to the state of the sun. If there is a settlement right in front of your office or headquarters you adjust the slets slightly upwards for privacy. This will let the light in but at the same time block the view from outside.. Işığı enggelemek isterseniz, ortamı karartma isterseniz slatleri pencereye paralel konuma getirebilirsiniz.

You can make the curtain fall completely down or gather above with the other rope of the venetian blinds as well..

Venetian blinds between double glazing

Venetian blinds between double glazing are curtain systems used in double glazing in homes and workplaces. Venetian Blinds slides and system between double glazing are especially customized products. Many different mechanism systems can be used. The motorized double glazing blinds curtain system is also included in these systems.

Insulating glass systems are generally used on exterior facades for thermal insulation. There is a special gas in them. The blinds used in double glazing windows are made of alloy that will not be affected and deformed by this gas system.

Since double glazing is used in offices and workplaces, and between partitions, insulating gas is not used. Therefore, venetian blinds to be used in double glazing do not need to be special alloys such as blinds slides used in heat glass. It will be more economical to use a normal venetian blinds between double glazing.