Folding Glass Balcony

Folding Glass Balcony Models

Glass balcony systems make the balconies in your homes and workplaces more functional, allowing them to be used in all seasons. With a stylish appearance, it offers spacious spaces, does not restrict your view, and gives you the feeling of being in the outside environment while inside. Due to the structure of the Folding Glass Balconies, it does not block the view with its single-piece appearance, since it contains only the top and bottom mount bases. It prevents heat loss in winter and saves your capital. With multi-purpose use, you can either open and close it completely, or you can provide ventilation by simply opening the wing you want. You can move the windows without any difficulty and extra effort due to the ease of use of the mechanisms.

Not limited with these; at same time:

  • Unlimited usage areas
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance,
  • It does not alter the exterior appearance of your building and is fully complies with construction legislation,
  • Sound insulation keeps unnecessary sounds away from you,
  • Provides protection against dust, rain, snow and wind,
  • Eliminates malicious effects, providing extra security to your structures.

Our company, which focuses on 100% customer satisfaction, offers its cost-effective products to your service. Folding
Glass Balcony Models:

  • Standart Folding Glass Balcony System,
  • Frameless Folding Glass Balcony System,
  • Frameless Folding Glass Balcony System,
  • Folding Glass Balcony System,
  • Folding Glass Balcony System with Handrail,
  • Glass Balcony System with Handrail.

Folding Glass Balcony Systems, in short, consist of aluminum material carrier frame, movable wings, orientable apparatus, tempered glass, insulation filling materials and roving types. The materials vary depending on order.

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